• Let's read in English! 2013-2014

     Let’s read in English !       

    Books in English

    Asterix and Cleopatra ,

    Goscinny, Uderzo



     Mary Shelley ( adapted)


    Romeo and Juliet,

    William Shakespeare (adapted)


    Science Fiction stories,

    Isaac Asimov


    American Short stories,

    Truman Capote


    The black cat,

    Edgar Allan Poe


    The wizard of Oz,

    Franck Baum  (adapted)


    Oliver Twist ,

    Charles Dickens ( adapted )


    Calvin and Hobbes,

    Bill Watterson


    English ghost stories,

     Catherine Wells…


    Garfield Classics,

     Jim Davis


    Garfield To eat or not to eat,

     Jim Davis


    Bilingual books

    The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ,R.L. Stevenson

    18 English and American very short stories


    British and American humour


    English and American short stories of  Today


    Just so stories,

     Rudyard Kipling


    Books in English, Illustrated classics , adapted

    The Jungle Book,

     Rudyard Kipling


    20,000 leagues under the sea,

    Jules Verne


    Around the world in 80 days,

    Jules Verne   


    Journey to the centre of the Earth,

    Jules Verne


    Treasure Island ,

    Robert Louis Stevenson


    David Copperfield,

    Charles Dickens


    Gulliver’s Travel,

    Jonathan Swift